Thursday, March 7, 2013

Elie Saab fascinates with his 18th century creation.

Hello ladies!
Tonight I bring you a new Elie saab's collection which im delighted with.
The fantastic elie saab's haute couture fashion show took time the last wenedsday 23 in Paris.
My devotion for Elie Saab has no limit. The Lebanese fashion designer shoes his new high couture collection for this spring-summer and as always he always do, he shows his liking thanks to the spectacular jewel dresses.
As you my lovely readers can appreciate, Elie Saab's style is unique and is a fusion of eastern and western culture. On this collection he choose to use lace, ski blue , the contrast of black and the skin colour, rhinestones, lace ( in most of the clothes) noble and light fabrics. Apart from the ski blue, the red and the flesh colour  he decided to use the black for this spring- summer collection which is awesome for the summer nights. 

But without hesitation my favorite Elie Saab's dress is this black, gold and pale pink dress, i love the way the flower motifs are fading as the same time as the colours fade.   

He also designed this amazing, incredible and delightful weeding dress, he used very rich fabrics combining it with lace crystals ( Typpical Elie Saab's fashion) and pearls which give this wedding dress an air of fairy tales. 

Also it is a mixture of the 18th century during the reign of Maria Antoinette, that period style was overloaded, using golden and silver colours and creating the estetic of a very thin and elegant waist but in contrast using a very puffed skirt, that was created using a spherical armor under the skirt.

Hope you girls like this new collection as I do, because I'm in love with it!

Love, Clau

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Oh Valentino !


Good afternoon girls!
Guess what!
The lace clothing is back again, and the amazing Valentino decided to re-create a new clothing range which represents the Parisian stile with very strong colors which is lovely for wearing during the expected spring... Valentino decided to use neon pinks, sky blues and electric oranges and greens which all come together with this short tulle dress decorated with lace flowers. 
This new 2013 spring collection is incredible, the fabric used is high quality as you can appreciate on the photos. 
In this post I will just show you the feminine lace  because i don't want you to focus on the model i just want you to appreciate the lace, which ''Reflects the beauty of a lady'' as he quoted...

The jewel of this collection without hesitation are the lace high heels, arent they perfect? 

Hope you like Valentino as I do.

Love, Clau