Sunday, January 6, 2013

Trend Hairstyle

Good afternoon ladies! Today I want to show you some of the hairstyle tendencies. Nowadays the trend that hair aspires is very varied, we live in the XXI Century and technologies are being developed , it means the we live in a MODERN world. Focusing in the fashion world we have thousands of hairstyles, on this publication i will focus on the basic haircuts, which could be curly, wavy, straight, fringe, no fringe, weathered hair, long, short, also the colour of the hair... 
which can define woman personality.


Curly hair. Long. 
Model: Sophie Vlaming.

I love curly hair, specially this cut because is not very long and not too short, personalty i like long hair but just if it is straight or wavy, for curly i rather this measurement '' Shoulders length'' , doesn't it look fantastic? As well this haircut is perfect for the day to day, it looks natural and alive, depending on the makeup that you use it could look awesome for the night which will give you the image of wild and chick! 

Curly. Short.
Model: Marilyn Monroe.

Short curly hair gives the impression of pinup style, i just recommend it for long shape head, it will make your face look rounder. I like the way it looks and for pinup ladies it is the ideal haircut,so girls you just need to take your ''Rouge'' lipstick and .... Fabulous!!!

Wavy. Long.

Isabeli Fontana.

Long wavy hair gives the summer sensation, when i see this image is makes me travel to summer, I imagine the waves crashing, the hot sun, sand colours  whichever are warm colours.

Wavy. Short.
Model: Dianna Agron. 

Wavy short hair is similar to the curly short hair, but it makes the difference, wavy makes the face shape longer than the curly haircut. I prefer curly than wavy short hair because my face shape is long.
Girls! Is your choice! So if your hair is wavy got it cut the way you love the most! <3 

Straight. Long.
Model: Hannah Shaw.

My obsession, i'm in love with long straight hair, girls if your natural hair is straight leave it grow long, i think it looks very posh, also it reminds me to the wavy long hair which in summer seems very summery!
If your face shape is long and still you want long straight hair my recommendation is to got it cut in 

weathered because the weathered will make your face shape rounder. 

Straight. Short.

Model: Heidi Klum.

The fantastic Heidi Klum is introducing the short straight haircut which look amazing with her face shape. This fringe looks alright with her face. 

I don't like straight  fringes, they were in the top trend during the 60's then the style stopped during the 70's and in the 80's the fringes came back over again. I think fringes are old- fashioned, nowadays faces look so much better without fringes, specially i disagree with those fringes that don't allow your eyes to be seen! What kind of atrocity is that? The eyes are '' human sign'' it differentiates you from the others. I hope straight fringes never come back in our fashion culture.  Don't you agree with me? 
Thank you Bloggers! 

Love, Clau

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