Thursday, January 17, 2013

Giorgio Armani Spring 2013 // New Collection.

I love Giorgio Armani, it is one of my favorite fashion designers, '' Armani  tendencies will always amaze me, his designs are multifaceted, none of his clothes and combinations are the equal, each them have its proper and particular luxurious style. During this fashion show he focused his particular vision for spring. 
Spring is known because of the use of very light and colorful colours which give the sensation of fresh, flowered, it is the perfect time for wearing wide brimmed sun hat, using very fresh perfume... But Giorgio brought up a new style which show his fashion strengths and fashion sense.  
This new collection shows a very Vintage style, nevertheless his last designs have been retrospective, but he designed this special season formed by the use of safe colours which could be the  blue and the black, using celestial prints which give the feeling of harmony and spring nights it also has the stewardess and airman motifs which makes you remember the lovely spring travels around Giorgio Armani's world.
Here I leave you one of my favorite designs out of the hundred of combinations that he made, hope you all love it. 

Love, Clau

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