Monday, January 7, 2013

Do you take care of your hair?

Hello Readers! Today I want to make super sure that you take lot of care of your lovely hair, depending of your natural hair shape and movement there are quite good shampoos that fit with your own hair which naturally can be greasy , dry, fine, thick , normal, curly, straight, afro , dyed and dandruff hair. 
I know that you, my lovely readers got some hair problems, as we all do we try to solve them, because who doesn't want an amazing hair? Well this publication contains everything that you need. Personality I have a shampoo Brand preference: Pantene Pro V'' Repair and Protect'' , Tresemme and my favorite one, HerStyler, all of its line products are fantastic, those amazing products totally repair any kind of hair!
I don't recommend '' Fructis'' it oils your hair, creates dandruff and it also drys your hair. 

Greasy Hair. 
If you have this kind of hair the origins are that the amount of greasiness usually come from hormonal changes, people with fine hair tend to have more greasy hair than people with other hair textures. 
If you have greasy hair i recommend you to use the Shampoo from Pantene Pro V '' Moisture Renewal Shampoo'' which is an awesome one , it has some formulas '' Designed to help Oily hair, leaving hair shining with health''  start using this shampoo and you will notice the difference! 
DO NOT use Oily shampoos and obviously DO NOT use hair mask, it makes your hair greasiness increase, and trust me, you don't want to keep your hair greasy. STOP touching your hair all the time, it  mess it up. 

Dry Hair. 
If you got dry hair it comes from the sun, that damaged your hair, also if your hair is curly and you are straightening it stop using the hair iron, it is definitely ruining your hair. I don't like saying '' Got your hair cut'' but i just say it if your ends are very damaged. 
If you want to stop having a dry hair start using hair mask, and hair conditioner twice a week, when you finally notice that your hair is getting healthy just use hair conditioner ONCE a week. 
I recommend you to use HerStyler Conditioner which is enriched with some plants proteins and olive oil, it also prevents static... 

Hair with dandruff.
Who never had dandruff? I know, it's horrible... but you are lucky! It has a solution, the dermatologist agree that the H&S shampoo is recommended for dandruff. 
How does Dandruff creates?  Dandruff is accumulated dirt, skin head and oil from our head. 
End with the annoying dandruff by using the H&S shampoo Citrus Hair. 

Do not use hair mask, it will make the dandruff to increase. 

Fine Hair.
Fine hair breaks easily, also a big amount of hair falls down when you wash it and brush it. Hopefully there are some remedies for the hair break, there are some ways which are shampoos or even the pills called Inneov which increase mass capillary, its principal purpose is transforming your fine hair to stronger hair. If you don't want to take pills there is a shampoo from Pantene Pro V specialized in Anti-Break,  Anti-Breakage Shampoo.ANTI BREAKAGE


Normal Hair. And Frizz. 
People who have normal hair don't need to improve anything, maybe they need more shine, if that is the case, getting the hair shiner is very easy, with '' Serum'' your hair can get shiner. i recommend this serum from Herstyler, Herstyler Serum which contains Vitamin E, is recommended for normal hair for giving more shine and also for frizz hair which with this product is eliminated instantly. '' Smoothing and shining'' 

Dyed Hair.
If your hair is dyed and  want to protect your colour from the sun rays, weather and moisture i would use the Tresemme shampoo which the color stays georgeus longer and hair has more volume and stops the dryness, it will protect your color for 40 washes and its formula includes green tea and rosemary.
Color Revitalize Shampoo    Color Revitalize Conditioner
 Also if your dyed hair is a bit dry just use the Tresemme Conditioner, color protection. 

Curly hair.
Curly hair? What for having the best curls? Herbal Essence has the perfect formula for giving your curls the perfect movement! 
what are you waiting for? Herbal Essence is specialized in curls, it will make your curls turn again! Shine and Spirals! 
Herbal Essences Totally Twisted curly shampoo
Straight Hair.
I know, you have straight hair and want to have some volume without getting your hair cut? I would use the Volumizing shampoo from Pantene Pro V and kiehls which included oil and wheat that gives body to your hair. Flat hair without any shape and volume begins to look full again and also it restores the shine of your natural hair. Give volume to your hair! 
FINE HAIR SOLUTIONS FLAT TO VOLUME™ SHAMPOOSitio web oficial de Kiehl's, desde 1851

Thank you Bloggers, hope your hair gains the vitality that you've been always looking for.

Love, Clau 

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