Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A few drops of Chanel nº5

Chanel is bringing the magic of the 50's over again, it is fabulous...I'll bring you some news during the next week about the new Chanel winter-spring collection. 
Here I leave you a piece of the new Chanel.

I've been looking for a similar look, thus you can see what i'm trying to show with this 50's return.
If you want to re-create it... 
Silk collarless jacket, Giorgio Armani

Silk collarless jacket, Giorgio Armani, at Giorgio Armani boutiques nationwide.
Cotton faille skirt, Zac Posen. Diamond and emerald earrings, Van Cleef & Arpels, price on request. Gold and diamond ear clip Sheer tights, Falke. Patent leather Maryjanes, Dolce & Gabbana.
I love the new Chanel collection! During the few days you will be able to have a look at the entire collection! 

Love, Clau 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Giorgio Armani Spring 2013 // New Collection.

I love Giorgio Armani, it is one of my favorite fashion designers, '' Armani  tendencies will always amaze me, his designs are multifaceted, none of his clothes and combinations are the equal, each them have its proper and particular luxurious style. During this fashion show he focused his particular vision for spring. 
Spring is known because of the use of very light and colorful colours which give the sensation of fresh, flowered, it is the perfect time for wearing wide brimmed sun hat, using very fresh perfume... But Giorgio brought up a new style which show his fashion strengths and fashion sense.  
This new collection shows a very Vintage style, nevertheless his last designs have been retrospective, but he designed this special season formed by the use of safe colours which could be the  blue and the black, using celestial prints which give the feeling of harmony and spring nights it also has the stewardess and airman motifs which makes you remember the lovely spring travels around Giorgio Armani's world.
Here I leave you one of my favorite designs out of the hundred of combinations that he made, hope you all love it. 

Love, Clau

Monday, January 7, 2013

Do you take care of your hair?

Hello Readers! Today I want to make super sure that you take lot of care of your lovely hair, depending of your natural hair shape and movement there are quite good shampoos that fit with your own hair which naturally can be greasy , dry, fine, thick , normal, curly, straight, afro , dyed and dandruff hair. 
I know that you, my lovely readers got some hair problems, as we all do we try to solve them, because who doesn't want an amazing hair? Well this publication contains everything that you need. Personality I have a shampoo Brand preference: Pantene Pro V'' Repair and Protect'' , Tresemme and my favorite one, HerStyler, all of its line products are fantastic, those amazing products totally repair any kind of hair!
I don't recommend '' Fructis'' it oils your hair, creates dandruff and it also drys your hair. 

Greasy Hair. 
If you have this kind of hair the origins are that the amount of greasiness usually come from hormonal changes, people with fine hair tend to have more greasy hair than people with other hair textures. 
If you have greasy hair i recommend you to use the Shampoo from Pantene Pro V '' Moisture Renewal Shampoo'' which is an awesome one , it has some formulas '' Designed to help Oily hair, leaving hair shining with health''  start using this shampoo and you will notice the difference! 
DO NOT use Oily shampoos and obviously DO NOT use hair mask, it makes your hair greasiness increase, and trust me, you don't want to keep your hair greasy. STOP touching your hair all the time, it  mess it up. 

Dry Hair. 
If you got dry hair it comes from the sun, that damaged your hair, also if your hair is curly and you are straightening it stop using the hair iron, it is definitely ruining your hair. I don't like saying '' Got your hair cut'' but i just say it if your ends are very damaged. 
If you want to stop having a dry hair start using hair mask, and hair conditioner twice a week, when you finally notice that your hair is getting healthy just use hair conditioner ONCE a week. 
I recommend you to use HerStyler Conditioner which is enriched with some plants proteins and olive oil, it also prevents static... 

Hair with dandruff.
Who never had dandruff? I know, it's horrible... but you are lucky! It has a solution, the dermatologist agree that the H&S shampoo is recommended for dandruff. 
How does Dandruff creates?  Dandruff is accumulated dirt, skin head and oil from our head. 
End with the annoying dandruff by using the H&S shampoo Citrus Hair. 

Do not use hair mask, it will make the dandruff to increase. 

Fine Hair.
Fine hair breaks easily, also a big amount of hair falls down when you wash it and brush it. Hopefully there are some remedies for the hair break, there are some ways which are shampoos or even the pills called Inneov which increase mass capillary, its principal purpose is transforming your fine hair to stronger hair. If you don't want to take pills there is a shampoo from Pantene Pro V specialized in Anti-Break,  Anti-Breakage Shampoo.ANTI BREAKAGE


Normal Hair. And Frizz. 
People who have normal hair don't need to improve anything, maybe they need more shine, if that is the case, getting the hair shiner is very easy, with '' Serum'' your hair can get shiner. i recommend this serum from Herstyler, Herstyler Serum which contains Vitamin E, is recommended for normal hair for giving more shine and also for frizz hair which with this product is eliminated instantly. '' Smoothing and shining'' 

Dyed Hair.
If your hair is dyed and  want to protect your colour from the sun rays, weather and moisture i would use the Tresemme shampoo which the color stays georgeus longer and hair has more volume and stops the dryness, it will protect your color for 40 washes and its formula includes green tea and rosemary.
Color Revitalize Shampoo    Color Revitalize Conditioner
 Also if your dyed hair is a bit dry just use the Tresemme Conditioner, color protection. 

Curly hair.
Curly hair? What for having the best curls? Herbal Essence has the perfect formula for giving your curls the perfect movement! 
what are you waiting for? Herbal Essence is specialized in curls, it will make your curls turn again! Shine and Spirals! 
Herbal Essences Totally Twisted curly shampoo
Straight Hair.
I know, you have straight hair and want to have some volume without getting your hair cut? I would use the Volumizing shampoo from Pantene Pro V and kiehls which included oil and wheat that gives body to your hair. Flat hair without any shape and volume begins to look full again and also it restores the shine of your natural hair. Give volume to your hair! 
FINE HAIR SOLUTIONS FLAT TO VOLUME™ SHAMPOOSitio web oficial de Kiehl's, desde 1851

Thank you Bloggers, hope your hair gains the vitality that you've been always looking for.

Love, Clau 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Trend Hairstyle

Good afternoon ladies! Today I want to show you some of the hairstyle tendencies. Nowadays the trend that hair aspires is very varied, we live in the XXI Century and technologies are being developed , it means the we live in a MODERN world. Focusing in the fashion world we have thousands of hairstyles, on this publication i will focus on the basic haircuts, which could be curly, wavy, straight, fringe, no fringe, weathered hair, long, short, also the colour of the hair... 
which can define woman personality.


Curly hair. Long. 
Model: Sophie Vlaming.

I love curly hair, specially this cut because is not very long and not too short, personalty i like long hair but just if it is straight or wavy, for curly i rather this measurement '' Shoulders length'' , doesn't it look fantastic? As well this haircut is perfect for the day to day, it looks natural and alive, depending on the makeup that you use it could look awesome for the night which will give you the image of wild and chick! 

Curly. Short.
Model: Marilyn Monroe.

Short curly hair gives the impression of pinup style, i just recommend it for long shape head, it will make your face look rounder. I like the way it looks and for pinup ladies it is the ideal haircut,so girls you just need to take your ''Rouge'' lipstick and .... Fabulous!!!

Wavy. Long.

Isabeli Fontana.

Long wavy hair gives the summer sensation, when i see this image is makes me travel to summer, I imagine the waves crashing, the hot sun, sand colours  whichever are warm colours.

Wavy. Short.
Model: Dianna Agron. 

Wavy short hair is similar to the curly short hair, but it makes the difference, wavy makes the face shape longer than the curly haircut. I prefer curly than wavy short hair because my face shape is long.
Girls! Is your choice! So if your hair is wavy got it cut the way you love the most! <3 

Straight. Long.
Model: Hannah Shaw.

My obsession, i'm in love with long straight hair, girls if your natural hair is straight leave it grow long, i think it looks very posh, also it reminds me to the wavy long hair which in summer seems very summery!
If your face shape is long and still you want long straight hair my recommendation is to got it cut in 

weathered because the weathered will make your face shape rounder. 

Straight. Short.

Model: Heidi Klum.

The fantastic Heidi Klum is introducing the short straight haircut which look amazing with her face shape. This fringe looks alright with her face. 

I don't like straight  fringes, they were in the top trend during the 60's then the style stopped during the 70's and in the 80's the fringes came back over again. I think fringes are old- fashioned, nowadays faces look so much better without fringes, specially i disagree with those fringes that don't allow your eyes to be seen! What kind of atrocity is that? The eyes are '' human sign'' it differentiates you from the others. I hope straight fringes never come back in our fashion culture.  Don't you agree with me? 
Thank you Bloggers! 

Love, Clau

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lana Del Rey insuperable

 Lana del Rey Insuperable! 

Who is her?  Her truly name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant. Lana Del rey is an American  Indie Pop and sadcore Singer. As Well, she has been a fashion model for H&M.

The winter campaign photo-shoot took place the last October 16, 2012. 
I love the way she combine her clothes. It is a mixture of Pin-Up girl and 60's Fashion Style, which is lovely.

Thus H&M decided to re-create Lana Del Rey own style, combining pink and blue 
colours added to the flower motifs which give the sensation of summertime to the 
winter collection. 

The makeup used for the photo session actually it's her personality. Using a very thin 
eye liner that goes through her tear duct, at the end of 
her eye shape a thicker eye liner line goes up to her eyelid. Furthermore she uses a darker eyeshadow ( 
Dark brown) around the shape of her eyelid. If you want to re-create that eyeshadow i recommend you 
one from Urban Decay which is matte: SKU 38380.
Finally for her lips she uses a light skin makeup, which gives the feeling of sensuality. If you girls would 
like to re-create that i recommend you the lipstick from Shiseido : '' Perfect Rouge BE:109 - spiced cream. 

 Here I post you some of her artistic photos. 

This one in concrete is my favorite combined model, it is fresh, seems warm and very girly.

Hope you bloggers like this fashion post. 

Love, Clau


Winter is the best season of the year, we spend most of the time with our friends, family, taking photos and also eating mars mellows and drinking hot chocolate in front of the chimney listening to classic music, isn't that ideal? 
Apart from all of that, what about exercise? Have we done any sports during this winter? 
I think is time of leaving apart those delicious and spongy sweets apart and start burning calories!
Love, Clau

Don't you miss summer times?

Don't  you miss summer times? Being tanned... wearing brimmed hats with flower motifs, blouses and silk scarves. Thus the ideal mixture of summer colors for makeup for the day are very light lipstick, not too much eyeliner... In conclusion girls, in summer is better no using makeup, the sun rays tan us therefore we look prettier. On the other hand, girls for the night is the perfect time for using a lot of eye shadows, do not just use black eye shadows, you can also dare to use green and blue glitter shadows for your eyelid which could look awesome outfitted with a green accessory , especially a belt or a handbag.
Hope you bloggers like my fashion magazine.
Love, Clau